September 09, 2019


#111 - Post Malone, Moon Boots, Mahalia

#111 - Post Malone, Moon Boots, Mahalia
Audioface: Music News, Reviews, & Culture
#111 - Post Malone, Moon Boots, Mahalia

Sep 09 2019 | 00:39:04


Show Notes

On Episode 111 of Audioface:

Reviews: "Hollywood's Undead" by Post Malone, "Bimini Road" by Moon Boots, and "LOVE AND COMPROMISE" by Mahalia.

Nicki Minaj: Retirement of publicity ploy. Lil Nas X vs Kevin Hart. The Hollywood's Bleeding review. Azelia Banks calls Lizzo out. The Bimini Road review. A$AP Rocky's swedish lawyer is shot, and the backstory is incredibly strange. The LOVE AND COMPROMISE review. Fetty Wap gets arrested in Vegas, Morrisey free-speeched himself into empty concerts, and Tekashi 6ix9ine sends his former manager to prison.

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