September 23, 2019


#113 - M83, IDK, Sampa The Great, Tekashi Snitch-Nine

#113 - M83, IDK, Sampa The Great, Tekashi Snitch-Nine
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#113 - M83, IDK, Sampa The Great, Tekashi Snitch-Nine

Sep 23 2019 | 01:07:24


Show Notes

On episode 1ne 13rteen of Audioface: 

Reviews: "DSVII" by M83, "IS HE REAL?" by IDK, and "The Return" by Sampa The Great.

Backstreet Boy drama: Nick serves Aaron Carter with a restraining order after his extremely normal behavior. The DSVII review. TI takes down conservative carnival barker Candace Owens. The IS HE REAL? review. Whitney Houston's hologram is going on tour. The Return review. Radiohead guitarist breathes new life into the classical genre, a Kendrick classic breaks a big record, and Taylor Swift changes her opinion on Kanye (again.) 

Fan favorite segment No Chill Island returns! Kanye reveals his Crocs competitor, and wall-to-wall coverage of Tekashi 6ix9ine's snitch sessions. Moby makes a shocking change to his appearance, a teen is banned for rapping Tyler the Creator, and Azealia Banks wants to send Elon Musk to the guillotines, too.

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