October 12, 2020


#161 - Kiiara, Future Islands, Everything Everything

#161 - Kiiara, Future Islands, Everything Everything
Audioface: Music News, Reviews, & Culture
#161 - Kiiara, Future Islands, Everything Everything

Oct 12 2020 | 00:53:51


Show Notes

On the 161st episode of Audioface:

REVIEWS: "lil kiiwi" by Kiiara, "As Long As You Are" by Future Islands, and "RE-ANIMATOR" by Everything Everything

New singles: "Gorgeous" by SAINt JHN, "Praise" by Tchami feat. Gunna, and "Heart Smile" by Diggs Duke.

Tory Lanez is charged for almost certainly shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot. The lil kiiwi review. Spotify is upping the creep factor. The As Long As You Are review. Universal is building luxury concert venues you can stay in after the show. The RE-ANIMATOR review. And a new podcast hosted by members of Joy Division/New Order tells the "definitive" story of the band.

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