July 23, 2018


#57 - The Internet, DRAM, Forma

#57 - The Internet, DRAM, Forma
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#57 - The Internet, DRAM, Forma

Jul 23 2018 | 00:43:58


Show Notes

On the fifty-seventh episode of Audioface:

Reviews: Chance the Rapper's 4-pack, DRAM's new EP "That's a Girl's Name", The Internet's new album "Hive Mind" and Forma's new album "Semblance"

Chance the Rapper drops 4 singles and he's now a media mogul. The That's a Girl's Name review. Teksahi 6ix9ine is hospitalized, Radiohead asks again for answers on the death of a crew member, Queens of the Stone Age cause trouble at another concert, and ABBA lyrics are updated to fit the times. The Hive Mind review. A Rick and Morty soundtrack is being made. The Semblance review. Dennis Rodman invites Kanye to the hermit kingdom.

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