December 26, 2018



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Show Notes

2018 has been quite the year for music. It's time to narrow down the best, worst, and noted little bitchiest of music this year. This is the music awards show for the people. Whether you're a day one #organic, or a casual music fan, we thank you for listening with us and wish you happy holidays.

3:18 - The Vanilla Ice Award
7:35 - Best Film Soundtrack
14:12 - Worst Music On Flat Scorched Earth Nuked Hawaii
21:37 - Best Electronic
29:28 - Mainstream Award
32:50 - The Gilded Guillotine
37:07 - The Don't F*cking Sleep Award for Best New Artist
44:34 - Song of the Year
53:52 - Best Drop Release
1:00:06 - Best Music Video
1:04:53 - Best R&B/Singer-Songwriter Album
1:12:14 - Best Rock
1:16:10 - The Win Butler Noted Little Bitch Award
1:23:09 - Best Rap Album
1:28:29 - Best Trap Album
1:32:56 - Best Bars
1:37:47 - Best Alternative
1:45:23 - The Vince Staples Woke Award
1:49:23 - The "Hard R" Award For Bigotry in Music
1:54:13 - The Audienceface Listener's Choice Award
1:57:44 - Album of the Year
2:25:04 - Dictator Dan's Honorable Mentions
2:27:05 - Chairman Sean's Honorable Mentions
2:31:48 - 2019...

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