December 07, 2020


#168 BONUS - The Avalanches: Hooked On Plunderphonics

#168 BONUS - The Avalanches: Hooked On Plunderphonics
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#168 BONUS - The Avalanches: Hooked On Plunderphonics

Dec 07 2020 | 01:08:20


Show Notes

Do you hear that coming? It's the unmistakable sounds of The Avalanches. A single Avalanches song may include 10 different samples across 4 different genres across 3 different continents. Their projects are at once nonsensical and thematic. 

For their upcoming 3rd album, "We Will Always Love You", The Avalanches are going from thematic to cinematic. To understand The Avalanches and their unique sound, Dan calls on his friend Oliver the indie music oracle to help paint a picture of one of music's most unique modern acts. The 3rd Avalanches LP will be reviewed on Audioface #169.

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