February 08, 2021


#174 - Foo Fighters, Pooh Shiesty, VanJess

#174 - Foo Fighters, Pooh Shiesty, VanJess
Audioface: Music News, Reviews, & Culture
#174 - Foo Fighters, Pooh Shiesty, VanJess

Feb 08 2021 | 01:03:49


Show Notes

On the 174th episode of Audioface:

REVIEWS: "Medicine at Midnight" by Foo Fighters, "Shiesty Season" by Pooh Shiesty, and "Homegrown" by VanJess.

New singles: "Up" by Cardi B, "Recap" by Kito feat VanJess & Channel Tres, "Out of Ordinary" by Oliver Tree, "F.U.C.K." by Victoria Monét, and "Not Around" by Ritt Momney

Marilyn Manson faces accusations of abuse from his ex Evan Rachel Wood, among others. Ja Rule sounds off for the people. The Medicine at Midnight review. Silento, the "whip, nae-nae" guy, is arrested. White country music star Morgan Wallen is caught on camera using the N-word. The Shiesty Season review. Ice Cube meets with Joe Biden, a fetus releases an album, and "Austrian Weird Al" is arrested for his extreme parodies. The Homegrown review. Fans petition NASA to name a newly discovered planet after a dearly departed artist, Bad Bunny makes his WWE debut, and Lil Uzi Vert gets a diamond implanted in his head. 

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