January 25, 2021


#172 - Flux Pavilion, Bicep, Rhye

#172 - Flux Pavilion, Bicep, Rhye
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#172 - Flux Pavilion, Bicep, Rhye

Jan 25 2021 | 01:02:08


Show Notes

On the 172nd episode of Audioface:

REVIEWS: ".wav" by Flux Pavilion, "Isles" by Bicep, and "Home" by Rhye.

New singles: "How Can I" Paola Proctor, "Mold" by Jónsi, “Lo Vas A Olvidar” by Billie Eilish & Rosalía, and “Ain’t Got Time” by Lil Wayne. 

Hopefully, a final round up of Trump-related stories:  Trump pardons multiple music-related figures. Ariel Pink's life is in shambles after attending Trump's insurrection. TRAPT's drummer leaves the band amid the singer's MAGA screeds, and Village People celebrates the presumed end of the Donald's copyright infringement. The .wav review. Glastonbury cancelled, while American festival runners appear optimistic. The Isles review. A major EDM artist details how little money comes from music streaming. Unreleased Radiohead songs for sale at auction. The Home review. Dr. Joe Rogan clears Grimes of covid-19, and Houstonians risk it all.

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