November 19, 2017


#26 - T-Pain, Talib Kweli, Mavis Staples

#26 - T-Pain, Talib Kweli, Mavis Staples
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#26 - T-Pain, Talib Kweli, Mavis Staples

Nov 19 2017 | 01:23:03


Show Notes

Hope you're having a happy normal November. The twenty-sixth episode of [Audioface]( has the most album reviews Sean and Dan have done in the shortest amount of time. Here's what happened: - Singles of the week: - "Tequila Kisses" by Tyga - U2 and Kendrick did a single, but... - Old business: Taylor Swift and Meek Mill - **REVIEW: Morrissey's new album, Low In High School** - RIP: Lil Peep, Malcolm Young - Katy Perry banned from China - Will United Records be a better record label? - **REVIEW: T-Pain's new album, Oblivion** - Kiss' Gene Simmons does the impossible: getting kicked off of Fox News for harassment on the first time - **REVIEW: OCS' new album, "Memory of a Cut Off Head"** - **REVIEW: Talib Kweli's new album, "Radio Silence"** - Coldplay's Head Full of Dreams Tour is the 3rd highest grossing tour ever - Radiohead's Ed O'Brien working on a solo album - **REVIEW: Mavis Staples' new album, "If All I Was Was Black"** Be sure to check out Syndicate 23's newest podcast, featuring real and honest commentary on the world of soccer: "We Made It" by going to []( Sean and Dan can be found on Twitter at [@swsuarez]( and [@danfromtheweb](

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