August 27, 2018


#62 - Interpol, Disclosure, Justice

#62 - Interpol, Disclosure, Justice
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#62 - Interpol, Disclosure, Justice

Aug 27 2018 | 00:40:50


Show Notes

On the sixty-second episode of Audioface:

Reviews: Disclosure's 5 new songs, Interpol's "Marauder" and Justice's "Woman Worldwide"

Reactions to Disclosure's 5 new songs. MTV's VMAs couldn't be any more irrelevant in 2018. The Marauder review. Nicki Minaj's public meltdown. Danny Brown drops an album on his Twitch stream. The Woman World Wide Review. Damon Albarn has plans for YET ANOTHER Gorillaz record, and a heartwarming moment at a Liam Gallagher concert.

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