June 06, 2020


BONUS - Political Report #5: Silvercorp Slip-Ups

BONUS - Political Report #5: Silvercorp Slip-Ups
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BONUS - Political Report #5: Silvercorp Slip-Ups

Jun 06 2020 | 01:21:07


Show Notes

This edition of Political Report was recorded before the George Floyd demonstrations. If you'd like commentary about that, we got you. Check out Political Report 4 earlier in the Audioface podcast feed for commentary on that, or the Protesting Racism episode of Controlling our Narrative with Brooke Thomas.

Topics include some of the fallout from the Tara Reade saga, Joe Biden questioning black people's blackness, continued impacts from corona, and the latest spectacularly failed coup attempt in Venezuela. (The article mentioned can be found here, via NY Mag) Joined by Ceez & Bam of We Made It Podcast

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