December 24, 2019



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Dec 24 2019 | 02:10:40


Show Notes

Welcome to the 3rd annual Audioface Awards show, featuring the best and worst of music culture from 2019. We do this for the people!

2m45s - Vanilla Ice Award
5m45s - Worst Music on Flat Scorched Earth Nuked Hawaii No Quid Pro Quo
10m - Best Electronic Album
18m - Mainstream Award
22m - Rapp Snitch Knishes Award
26m40s - Best Pop Album
32m - The Don't Fucking Sleep Award (Best New Artist)
35m30s - Song of the Year
40m45s - 'Drop' release of the Year
40m40s - Music Video of the Year
49m30s - Best R&B/Singer-Songwriter Album
56m - Best Rock Album
1h1m50s - Audienceface Listeners Choice Award
1h4m30s - The Offset Noted Little Bitch Award
1h15m30s - Best Rap Album
1h19m - Best Trap Album
1h25m30s - Best Bars
1h33m30s - Best Alternative Album
1h38m45s - Vince Staples Woke Award
1h41m - The "What's Rapey About That?" Award (Bigotry in Music)
1h43m - Album of the Year
1h56m - From Dusk Till Dawn Award (Best Mugshot)
2h1m - Dictator Dan & Chairman Sean's Honorable Mentions

Be sure to check out our "50 of the '10s" ranking of the decade's best albums. Episodes will release throughout January. Regular Audioface episodes will return Monday January 20.

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